Reduce Injury-Causing Torque - Reduce Your Chance of Non-Contact ACL & Ankle Injuries

It's Time For Cleats That Reduce The Risk to Athletes.

Change is Here.

High school, collegiate, and NFL athletes put our prototypes through on-field tests. None noticed any difference in feeling or performance.

ALL loved the idea of a cleat that could protect them from injury. No matter the sport, level of play, gender, or playing surface, we've got a cleat for everyone.

A Growing Problem

From recreational athletes to marquee players, cleats with high traction levels lock the foot to the turf, too often with season-ending consequences.



Current Tech Worsens the Issue

Much-hyped grip & traction sells more shoes, while putting unsustainable torque on joints. With 7 patents and counting, Caddix is proving that cleats can have all the grip you want, with none of the injury-causing torque you don't.


Imperceptible Flex

With NO compromise in performance, the slight flex of Caddix SmartStuds can reduce damaging torque on knees & ankles, rendering cleats less injurious.



Athlete-specific, Tunable Protection

Different athletes generate different amounts of torque. The point of flexion can be dialed up or down to suit their specific needs. From a 12-year-old girl on the soccer pitch, to a 270-pound defensive end, Caddix cleats match the torque athletes generate, to reduce the stress that could cause injury.

Show Your Knees & Ankles Some Love