Our Story

It's Time For Cleats That Reduce The Risk to Athletes.

Change is Here.


Season after season, we watched in horror as top athletes crumpled into writhing heaps on the field, with no opponent in sight. Top athletes--prime physical specimens at the top of their game, felled...by what? We poured through decades of research proving the cause: cleats that lock a player's foot to the playing field. When the shoe or turf wouldn't give, the knees of these amazing athletes would.


We conducted patent searches for solutions. All of them were totally impractical, at best. So we tested our prototypes at a reputable biomechanics lab to conduct rotational stress tests that prove our claims on our now-patented product. Then, working with the design savants at i-generator, we iterated and ideated 7 more patent-pending solutions. To bring our cleated footwear tech to life, molds were made, second generation prototypes were built, and athletes from every level laced 'em up and put them through their toughest paces.