Caddix Athletes

  • Jack Rasmussen- Founder/CEO

    M.B.A., former All-American collegiate football player.

  • Jeff Rasmussen- Co-founder/VP

    30+ Years marketing experience, 14 Years as a self-funded, profitable $1.3 million e-commerce store owner/operator.

  • Grant Patterson

    Former collegiate quarterback. Social media, strategic partnerships, player relations.

  • Peter Rueegger

    Founding partner at I-Generator. Former head of marketing for Adidas. Design direction, product line creation, consumer and retail insights, business acquisition.

  • Michael Steszyn

    Founding partner at I-Generator. Mechanical and biomedical engineering, materials expert, CAD, factory sourcing, commercialization, functional systems solutions.

  • Kirk McCullough

    NFL Foot/Ankle Subcomittee. American Board of Orthapedic Surgery.

    Team physician- KC Current

    Former Team physician- KC Chiefs

    U.S. Soccer Network Physician